English: Tournament information


A three day tournament for U14, U13, U12 and U11 participation fee for teams that take the dining and accommodation pack A is 200€
The fee for teams that don’t take the pack is 350€

A two day tournament for U10 and U9 participation fee for teams that take the dining and accommodation pack B is 110€
The fee for teams that don’t take the pack is 200€

A one day tournament for U8 the participation fee is 120€

Signing up is due 31.5.2021. A team confirms their participation when the tournament fee is paid. The participation fee is an electronic bill that is send to an email given to us while signing up. The bill is sent in two weeks from signing up.
If the team cancels or retires their tournament after 31.5.2021, the participation fee will not be returned.

You can sign up for invitational series only if you been invited. If your team have not been invited for some reason and your team still wants to participate in high quality tournament, please be in touch with your age groups directeur sportif. Contact details fcjazz.com.



2 nights for teams that are playing in three day series.

Two nights in a school and meals below
1st tournament day lunch and dinner
2nd tournament day breakfast, lunch and dinner
3rd tournaments day breakfast and lunch
price. 100€ for a person
The pack needs to be bought for every person housing with the team.
If team wants to settle in a day before the tournament the pack will cost 110€ per person and you get an additional breakfast.


One night for teams playing in a two day series.
includes one night in school SAT-SUN and meals below
Saturday lunch and dinner
Sunday breakfast and lunch
Price: 70€ for a person
If team wants to settle in on Friday evening the packs price will be 80€ and you get an additional night and breakfast.

Pawn for schoolhousing

Team needs to pay a 50€ pawn before getting their classroom for the tournament. The pawn is paid by cash and you get it back when giving back the classroom. If the team has damaged the classroom during a tournament the pawn will not be returned.
The pawn fee is applied due the damages made during previous years.


Unused housing packs can be returned only with doctors appointment.

Dinings separated:

Breakfast 8€ person
Lunch 8€ person
Dinner 8€ person
You can order meals by an email. (toimisto@fcjazz.com)

For players playing in Noormarkku, the meals are delivered to the field.

Dining times:

Breakfast: 6:30-10:00
Lunch: 11:00-15:00
Dinner 15:30-20:00
Allergies and special dietary requirements are notified.

Place of dining
Tasavallankatu 1, 28100 Pori


  • Pori Cup was established in 2005
  • In the beginning about 50 teams participate
  • Last few years over 200 teams participates
  • 2014 we had 243 teams in Pori
  • We are one of the biggest tournaments in Finland
  • Age groups from U8 to U14
  • How we are different than other tournaments?
    • Different playing levels in each age groups
    • ​​​​​​​Good schedule


  • FC Jazz was established in 1934 as Porin Pallo-Toverit (PPT for short)
  • In 1992 PPT changed its name for FC Jazz
  • FC Jazz won two Finnish championship titles in 1993 and 1996
  • First team play in Second Division which is the third highest level in Finland
  • Over 400 registered players in the club
  • Teams from U7 to U20


If you have any questions, please contact us: